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Conceptual stage projects are projects that we are currently thinking about, designing, sketching out, etc. and not quite ready to launch. We will often seek out advice from artist, design, and building peers, as well as community during our conceptualization process in an informal and local discussion way. So stay tuned for more details as each project moves it’s way from concept to potential realization.

Projects in conceptual stage:

Project:          Community Coffee House

Locate a desirable retail space, initiate a store design, and partner with a local coffee roaster- retailer to open a neighborhood coffee house.

We are hot on the trail of a location in Swissvale, mapping out a space design, and likely undertaking a fundraising effort for major building improvements in mid July, while beginning the process of partnering with a local coffee roaster and retailer.

Project:   Attract a local Brewery to the area
The Beer Brewery is all the rage as they say, so why is not one in Swissvale?  We want to make sure their is enough high quality beer for everyone in Swissvale so we are working hard to speak to several potential candidates who have experience and a history of brewing up a few good batches.
This is a long process and a bit more complicated than forming a community choir so stay tuned for more news.

Attract robust businesses to Swissvale area

Help attract retail businesses to the Swissvale area that contribute to a wholesome, fun, cool, and art centric environment. ECP has plans to play an instrumental role in bringing some cool neighborhood businesses to the Swissvale area.

We are looking at various buildings and sites, and holding early stage discussions with purveyors of Bakeries, Fresh food deli, and of course home made Pizza. Stay tuned as we work hard to help make Swissvale an art centric community and help build a budding retail infrastructure.

Contact artist john eastman for more information and with inquiries.

Project:          Artist Studio Spaces

ECP is looking at various large scale buildings (20K Sq ft and above) in the Swissvale area that could house artist studios. We are partnering with Radiant Hall, who designs, develops, and builds artist studio spaces in the Pittsburgh and has a 5 year successful track record of providing quality and creative spaces for Pittsburgh’s numerable artists. We believe the presence of artists in the area would benefit the community significantly and would hope that a community of businesses in the area springs up around them.

Stage:          ECP has one building in particular in focus and is currently discussing the possibility of it becoming available for sale in the second quarter of 2018.  Contact artist john eastman for more information and with inquiries.

Project:          Art gallery exhibit space

Concept:          ECP is looking at renting or purchasing a building for use as an Art Gallery Exhibit Space. Buildings with a minimum space of approximately 1,500 and above will be considered. ECP is open to doing leasehold improvements to a rental space, as well as significant remodeling and improvement on a building purchase.

Stage:          Contact artist john eastman for more information and with inquiries.

Project:          Artist short term residences via AIRBNB

Concept:          ECP is working on developing short term residential spaces in the Swissvale area in conjunction with AirBNB. Artist and executive director of ECP john eastman has been a host for AirBNB for over 2 years with a location in Swissvale. The concept is to provide space to artists for short term rentals while they are in Pittsburgh at an affordable rate. The combination of residential space in addition to the planned artist studo space, should add nicely to the Swissvale community and help bring talented and creative people to the area, contributing to the overall infrastructure.

Stage:               We are in the very early stages of this project and still designing the overall concept. Contact artist john eastman for more information and inquiries.