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All ECP projects start at the conceptual stage where we think, seek input, design and work out details. Sometimes we build prototypes when applicable, others we sound out until we think we are at a good space to begin to build. These projects have made the cut and are active.

What’s live, active, and up and running?

Project:          The EastShore Chorale  —  Community Choir

Choir Practice is a down to earth old school idea we decided to pursue in which we hoped to secure a great acoustical meeting space, obtain the services of a talented and professional choir director, and basically invite the community to participate in a fun but focused choir practice once a week, working towards a quarterly performance. The emphasis is on building a great sounding choir, community, fun, and a group effort to partake in a great practice, working towards a quarterly performance with the public as a guest. We are happy to announce that as of June 15th, 2018, we officially formed The EastShore Chorale.  We currently have 25 choir members. Periodically we may invite musicians to help us along as well. If you can imagine a friendly environment, 2 hours of nice voices ringing in the air in the evening, and maybe after practice, a few beers or wine, and maybe even a food truck,  you get the picture. We think it’s a great way to wind down after a week of work.  We are grateful to have Benjamin Filippone as Choir Director, and Ryan Keeling as an advisor. You can learn more about them on our ECP advisors page.

Stage:      Live, Up and Running

Building Facade Project (BFP series)
BFP # 1 Alleyway on Arcadia Way and Nevada St, Swissvale.

Head to 7100 Schoyer Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15218 and visit the first corrugated sheet metal and wood trimmed building, housing the small projects and design-planning studio of artist john eastman.

Building Facade # 2 Alleyway on Nevada Street and Monarch Way, Swissvale, Pa 15218.

Head to Schoyer ave and Oak Grove St in Swissvale, make a slight right at the 3 way, then a quick left onto Monarch Way Alleyway. 3/4 way doen the road on the right is BF # 2, you can;t miss it.

Multiple buildings and front facades
The Building Facade Project (BFP series) project calls for an estimated 10-12 locations that will either have a complete sheet metal and wood facade, or a front facade affect, covering just the functional garage doors of the building. ECP plans to lease or buy the building sites. Attaching the sheet metal gates to the building will be done so with minimal methods, thus the building can be returned to its original state after the exhibit period of 1-2 years has ended.

BF # 1, located at the alley way on Arcadia Way and Nevada St, Swissvale was completed in September 0f 2017, and spanned 2 weeks to complete. The concrete block garage building was wrapped in galvanized corrugated sheet metal, and framed out with painted wood trim. BFP # 1 is the concept coming to life for community view. The design aesthetic objective was to produce a building facade that could be accomplished with low cost, add a visual appearance that has both a new and aged look at the same time.

BF # 2 was complete in November of 2017, and is located at the alleyway of Nevada St and Monarch Way, Swissvale, PA.

Key to this design is the gates that sit in front of the original garage doors which are still intact and functional. This design enables ECP to install a sheet metal and wood facade on the front of most garage doors with no or little evidence of their presence after their removal. It works well with our plans to approach property owners, rent their buildings and garages, and install a cool metal and wood facade. Inside of each building will be an art installation on view for the community.

While each of the external Building Facades will contribute a visual aesthetic to the community, inside each building will house an art installation by artist john eastman and will be viewable by appointment and weekend tours of all locations during certain times of the year. The internal exhibits will be changed out quarterly and will consist of furniture, sculpture, paintings, and minimalist objects.

We look forward to seeing you at the sites and helping our effort to contribute to the community.