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What is Eastman Community Projects (ECP)?

Eastman Community Projects is organized as a 501c3 nonprofit organization under the Fiscal Sponsorship of Pittsburgh Contingency Inc. The Pittsburgh Contingency (TPC) is an accredited 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization providing Fiscal Sponsorship Services to individuals and organizations that offer programs or initiatives serving individuals in Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania.

Are my contributions to ECP 100% tax-deductible?

Yes except as noted when making a purchase of artwork or a design, whereas 25% of the purchase price is tax deductible.

Who is Eastman?

John Eastman is a abstract minimalist artist working in multiple mediums as paint, metal, wood, and entire building installations. His primary residence is in Swissvale, Pittsburgh. His work can be seen at www.johneastmanstudios.com and www.eastmantribe.com.  A full bio is available here……http://johneastmanstudios.com/about

Where is Eastman Community Projects (ECP) located?

ECP’s office is officially at 7100 Schoyer Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218. A small building behind that address houses a small projects and planning studio and administrative office and the first Building Facade site.

What are the Sheet metal and wood buildings located in the Swissvale area?

The sheet metal and wood trimmed buildings are a project created by artist John Eastman called Building Facade Project or BFP.  They are an effort to raise art awareness in the Swissvale area and help make Swissvale a more Art Centric community. Each BFP site is an installation site that features the sheet metal and wood exterior, and inside, an art or furniture installation is present. Guided tours of the the buildings will be available starting in 2018.

Can I donate or sponsor a project that ECP is doing?

Yes, please see our DONATE  here for details on our projects and Donation Options.

How is Eastman Community Projects going to help the Swissvale Community?

ECP’s plans include raising the awareness of the arts in the community by building exhibit spaces, having exhibits, events, performances, and fundraisers in the Swissvale area. We plan to invest in buildings to enhance their appearance, in people in the area to enlighten their education and awareness of the arts, and to attract business as a retro coffee house, contemporary bakery, fresh food deli, and Pizza restaurant that all bring people who are interested in a safe, interesting, and contemporary lifestyle.  In studying how other like communities have crawled their way back after depressing and tough economic times, we believe that focusing on an Art Centric approach and the types of businesses mentioned above will contribute to the community in numerous ways.  For more details, see our mission statement.

What type of projects is Eastman Community Projects planning?

ECP organizes its projects as ACTIVE or CONCEPTUAL STAGE. Here is a link to the website Projects page for details. Our first community project is a Building Facade Program designed to enhance the exterior of selected buildings with a cool sheet metal and wood trim facade and then offer art installations inside the space with guided tours. Out first site (BFP # 1) is the small projects and planning studio and office at the rear of 7100 Schoyer Ave, Swissvale, (Arcadia and Nevada Streets).

As time and funding moves forward, we will be undertaking other art centric community projects designed to make Swissvale a better community to reside in.

What area of Swissvale is Eastman Community Projects focused on?

As a starting point in late 2017, ECP is focused on a squared off area defined as SouthWest Swissvale, from Monongahela street to Pocono St, from Whipple St to Church St.  Some public art projects are may be also be pursued in other immediate surrounding areas as South Braddock Ave, and McClure St.

How long has John Eastman been a resident of Swissvale?

John was born in Braddock General Hospital in the late 50’s. His parents lived in Swissvale and moved from Dennison St to Schoyer Ave in 1960 where he lived until 1981. He returned in 2014 from living in a warehouse loft in the city when his father passed away and he acquired the house he grew up in.

Can I volunteer to help at Eastman Community Projects?

ECP is always looking for help in our effort to help the Swissvale area be more vibrant community and an Art Centric one.  You can donate your time and services through our DONATE page here. http://eastmancommunityprojects.org/donate/

How is Eastman Community Projects funded?

ECP is funded by an initial contribution from artist John Eastman, and several other small contributions. In essence, our objective is to be funded by a combination of individuals and public or other non-profit funding grants.

Will there be art work other than John Eastman’s work on exhibit in the Building Facade Projects?

For the first year of operations and for the foreseeable future, the work of artist John Eastman will be the featured work at all ECP sites, however we do anticipate exhibiting additional artists work in time.

How do I apply as an artist to have my work exhibited at any of the ECP building sites?

At the present time, ECP is only planning to exhibit the work of artist John Eastman. In time, we anticipate this will grow to include additional artists.  We are always open minded and interested in artists work so we would encourage you to contact us with your idea or a portfolio sample of your work for our future plans.

How long has Eastman Community Projects been a non-profit?

Eastman Community Projects obtained non-profit status in October of 2017, by way of The Pittsburgh Contingency Inc.  501c3 nonprofit organization which is its Fiscal Sponsorship.

Will Eastman Community Projects be buying houses and commercial buildings to exhibit art in?

Yes, that is our plan. We have to complete several funding hurdles in order to be in the position to purchase and retool commercial and residential spaces to a more Art Centric environment.

Will Eastman Community Projects be opening an art gallery in Swissvale?

At the present time, a gallery specific building is not on the immediate radar, but we view all of the individual sites planned as gallery spaces as they will house and exhibit artwork.  Plans for opening a gallery specific building may materialize in the next 18 to 24 months. We would like to partner with an established gallery in that effort.

Can I buy artwork from any of the ECP art sites?

Yes, if the works on exhibit are for sale, which will be be indicated on our website (link) and at the exhibit space. Additionally, commissioned work is also a possibility by talking to a representative or staff member of ECP.

Can I hire ECP to remodel my garage or house?

While we will look at a diverse set of projects designed to benefit the Swissvale community and help it become more Art Centric, remodeling homes and garages for residents is not our mission.  As of note, if your garage, small building, or house is available to become an art installation site, ECP is definitely interested. We are always open minded so don’t hesitate to inquire.

Can I sell my garage or house to ECP?

While buying houses for residential use is not in our mission, ECP will consider the purchase of a garage, small building, or house if it meets our criteria for becoming an art installation site.